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Denison Cotton Mill

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Denison Cotton Mill, Established 1905

The Denison Cotton Mill was incorporated Aug. 5, 1905, with W.B. Munson as president. It was hailed as one of the largest of its kind west of the Mississippi and encompassed 152,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The mill began in Denison much earlier. At a cost of $500,000, it was said to be running by Jan. 1, 1891, in a “Glimpses of Denison” booklet published in 1890 by the Denison Board of Trade.

"During 1937 the mill produced 4.2 million yards of cotton duck material ranging from 19 to 72 inches wide. The cloth was marketed throughout the United States under the brands of Great Mallard, Dreadnaught and Pacific Ducks. About 225 people were employed there in 1939."  - Donna Hunt, "Denison Has a Mill Town History," Herald Democrat, 6  January 2015

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